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The Best Pizza in Edmonton: Top 5

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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You already know where we're going on this. Dishcrawl has embarked on the noble quest of a lifetime - to discover the best pizza pies in the world, one city at a time. As our most recent endeavor, we've set our sights on the Great White North - specifically, we're looking at the best pizza in Edmonton.

Whether you're a pizza purist, a stylistic snob, or just want something tasty to sink your teeth into, Edmonton is an excellent city in which to grab a slice. Let's see who took the top spot, shall we?

Blaze Pizza 

Blaze Pizza is a well-known chain that we’ve actually highlighted in the past. They’re owned by Rick and Elize Wetzel (yes, of Wetzel’s Pretzel’s fame) and opened in 2011. The process they use is unlike many other pizza joints in that they operate on an “order line.”

In other words, you work down the line, telling the cooks what you want, and watch as it’s crafted for you before your eyes. They’ve bloomed in popularity following the COVID-19 pandemic, as they took fast and concrete action to ensure their staff and customers were safe.

If you want a pizza from a proven, international business that serves incredibly vibrant and fresh pies, Blaze Pizza is likely your best bet.

Espania Pizzeria (4.8 188)

The best pizza in Edmonton, coming out of woodfire oven
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Espania Pizzeria is a classic pizza joint in the heart of Edmonton. They offer classic west coast-style pizzas alongside burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a few out-of-the-ordinary appetizers (like fish or chicken pakoda).

They’re a no-frills, simple eatery that focuses on serving fast, quality, and affordable food, which is really the most we can ask. And for those with dietary restrictions out there, Espania has a surprisingly well-stocked gluten-free and plant-based menu.

If you want basic pizza in its best form (or maybe a few tasty appetizers), Espania Pizzeria is an excellent stop.

Hometown Pizza

Hometown Pizza is not only some of the best pizza in Edmonton, but they serve some of the most unique pizzas in the area, too. Their menu is geared toward the modern eater, serving Indian-inspired pizza across Canada.

You’ll find butter paneer and tandoori chicken pizza alongside wings, and yes - poutine is obviously on the menu. While Hometown Pizza doesn’t try to gussy up its offerings, it’s a welcome change. Rather than focusing on looking hip and modern, they simply do it.

If you’re craving the best pizza in Edmonton and want something your palate has never experienced, Hometown Pizza is an incredible option.

Honorable Mentions

The best pizza dough in Edmonton
Image courtesy of ma-no via Canva

Finding the best pizza in Edmonton was never going to be simple. Sure, there are the proven spots above if you’re feeling safe, but it never hurts to branch out.

That’s exactly what this section aims to accomplish - while the joints in our honorable mentions may not be in the top three, they’ve done something to earn recognition. This is where we get to highlight businesses with a story rather than a massive marketing budget, so let’s take a peek.

Flame Pizzeria (4.7 241)

Flame Pizzeria is a relatively new entry to the Edmonton pizza scene, but they’ve earned a moment in the spotlight quite quickly. Opened in early 2021 by Kiwi chef Shivjot S., they’ve developed a name for serving incredibly unique pies.

While the usual suspects of cured meats and Italian cheeses are ever-present on a pan or New York-style crust, there’s more to the menu. You’ll find Jamaican and Indian-inspired chicken wings alongside an entire Punjabi subsection of pizzas. 

If you want to support a rapidly-growing small business with an incredibly delicious menu, Flame Pizzeria is perfect. 

The High Dough

The High Dough is for the deep-dish Detroit pizza lovers out there. They’re certainly some of the best pizza in Edmonton and give Detroit classics like Buddy’s Rendezvous a run for their money.

And as if offering Detroit deep dish pies wasn’t enough, they got creative with it. You’ll find options like the Neño (a Tex-Mex pizza), the Baba Was A Hippie, Gido Was A Rolling Stone (a vegan pie of epic proportions), and the Truffle Shuffle (boasting truffle honey), and more at The High Dough.

Realistically, The High Dough is some of the best pizza in Edmonton. They craft unique and delicious pies in a style that’s not often seen in this neck of the woods - so give them a try!

Ethan Hauck
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