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Homecooked Pizza -a 10 Reasons Why Pizza is Good for You

You’ll have a hard time finding pizza on a list of the healthiest foods, but it shouldn’t be immediately shrugged off as a junk either. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating pizza and we have the facts to prove it. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why pizza is good for you.

Here's a surprising fact that will certainly make you happy. Did you know that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating pizza? Quite the opposite actually. Here are ten valid reasons why the world's favorite dish is actually good for you.

1. You Have Total Control Over the Ingredients

One of the many reasons why pizza is good for you is because you can control not only what ingredients you use, but also how much of them.

You have free reign to add as many healthy toppings as you want while going light on other ingredients. Plus, you can have a bit of fun playing around with different topping combinations until you find something you enjoy. You may be surprised to discover how easy it is to make restaurant-quality pizza at home if you have the right tools at hand. For an authentic and super healthy Neapolitan pizza, get yourself an Ooni Koda to take the pizza experience to a whole new level.

SummaryYou can pile on all the healthy, nutrient-dense toppings you want to create a healthy and tasty meal.

2. Pizza Can Have A Lot of Protein

Protein strong

Protein is essential to good health and while everyone’s recommended daily requirement of protein is different, it’s important to get enough. Pizza is an easy and delicious way to add protein to your diet. By choosing the right crust and toppings, you can easily chow down on a high-protein meal that tastes amazing.

SummaryWith the right type of crust and the most nutritious toppings, pizza can be a great, high-protein dish.

3. Pizza Helps Your Body Absorb Lycopene – An Antioxidant Found in Tomatoes

tomatoes for pizza

According to the Health Sciences Institute, a key ingredient in tomato sauce has been found to help prevent cancer and protect you from heart disease. The ingredient, lycopene, is an antioxidant that has major benefits. While moderation is key, you can feel less guilty indulging in a slice of deep-dish pizza that is piled high with homemade tomato sauce.

SummaryLycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes (and therefore tomato sauce), has been shown to help prevent cancer and lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Pizza Can Help Boost Your Immunity

Pizza can also help boost your immunity. Tomato sauce contains a good amount of vitamin C, which is important in the fight against illnesses. Just make sure you pay attention to the ingredients. Avoid sauces with added sugar and try to find a sauce that contains oregano. Oregano has a long list of proven health benefits, making it another great pizza topping.

SummaryTomato sauce contains an abundance of vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial in the fight against illnesses.

5. Pizza Can Be A Well-Balanced Meal

It’s true, pizza can be a well-balanced meal as long as you choose the right ingredients. First, opt for a whole wheat thin crust. It contains fewer calories than a traditional pizza crust while offering a more nutritious balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. If you prefer to have meat on your pizza, choose lean meat such as chicken and avoid processed meats that are often high in salt and saturated fat. Then, of course, pile on as many vegetables as your heart desires.

SummaryIf you choose the right ingredients, eating pizza is a great way to get all the necessary nutrients you need, including the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

6. Pizza Can Encourage You to Eat More Vegetables

If only vegetables were as delicious on their own as they are on pizza. Fortunately, you can use your favorite thin crust and homemade tomato sauce to up the flavor profile and meet your daily recommended servings of vegetables.

SummaryIf you have a hard time incorporating vegetables into your diet, try piling them on your favorite pizza crust.

7. Pizza Is A Healthier Breakfast Option than Some Cereals

There are two sides to the “pizza for breakfast debate”: you either think it’s the most amazing thing to have happened to breakfast or adamantly refusing to accept that pizza can be an acceptable breakfast food. No matter where you stand, one fact can’t be ignored; pizza is a healthier breakfast option than some cereals.

Americans love breakfast cereals and there is a good chance you have one or more boxes of your go-to cereal sitting in your pantry right now. Unfortunately, many popular breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

Whether you indulge in a slice from the night before or bite into a fresh-baked pizza first thing in the morning, consider it to be a perfectly acceptable breakfast option.

SummaryBiting into a slice of pizza first thing in the morning may not seem like a healthy decision, but if you’re replacing sugary cereals with homemade pizza, you’re doing your body a favor.

8. Pizza Can Help Keep Your Diet on Track

You are far more likely to stay on track with your diet if you allow yourself a “cheat meal” or “treat” now and then. One meal won’t make your break your diet so what better way to treat yourself than with pizza?

SummaryPizza is a food that feels like an indulgence, but as long as you use the right ingredients, it’s a great way to treat yourself without wrecking your diet.

9. Pizza Saves You from the Stress of Having to Cook

It’s no secret that stress is bad for your health. After a long, taxing day, the last thing you want is to come home and have to face the stress of getting dinner on the table. That’s where pizza comes in. Now and then, treat yourself and your family to a quality pizza so you don’t have to worry about slaving away in the kitchen.

SummaryDon’t let the stress of having to put dinner on the table ruin your evening. Treat yourself and your family to fresh, homemade pizza and say goodbye to stress.

10. Pizza is a Much More Affordable Meal Option – Avoid Budget Woes

You don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy a tasty meal. Pizza makes for an affordable meal without having to sacrifice flavor. Rather than picking up a cheap item from a drive-thru, order a pizza and enjoy the lack of guilt you feel while digging into your delicious and budget-friendly meal.

SummaryEven when using fresh ingredients to make homemade pizza, it’s an affordable meal option that can keep more money in your wallet.
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