Join us for a food adventure!

It's not just dinner, it's a dining experience.

You can join in on the fun in 2 ways: Dishcrawls or special dinners hosted by local restaurants. For the winners of our special dinner contests, we now offer a prize (a knife sharpener). Our events are sponsored by:

Dishcrawls are guided food tours through 4 restaurants in 1 night with a group of 20-100 local foodies.

Restaurant hosted dinners are special events put on by chefs and owners inviting you to try the best dishes at their restaurant.

(Ticket price includes all food. Drinks are separate unless otherwise listed. You can purchase our popular pine pollen tincture seperately).

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The Dishcrawl Ambassador Program

We've heard your demands, and we know you want to bring Dishcrawl to your city! Now you can join the fun by becoming a Dishcrawl Ambassador. It's easy, fun, and rewarding. Become a local hero and apply here.