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Best Pizza Peels: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Pizza peels are useful kitchen tools used to transfer pizzas from the surface they’re prepared on to the oven they’re cooked in. Pizza peels come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of pizza and pizza ovens.
Ooni Pizza Turning Peel
Best turning peel
Ooni Pizza Turning Peel
Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel
Best placement peel
Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel
Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel
Best wood peel
Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel


  • When shopping for a pizza peel, consider its material (wood, steel, aluminum, or wood composite), size and shape, and handle length.
  • For use with home pizza ovens as well as conventional kitchen ovens, Ooni and Gozney make several highly-rated, durable pizza peels.
  • There are many more great pizza peels to choose from, each with unique features like foldable handles, perforated bases, and turning blades.
  • Most pizza peels should be washed by hand with warm soapy water and never run through the dishwasher.

Best Placement Peels

A dedicated placement peel is your best tool when placing your pizza onto your pizza stone. It has a much bigger base and has the right material for the pizza not to stick to the surface. A real placement peel is made from wood or aluminum.

Best Placement Peel: Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel (12 and 14”)

Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel

Unlike the Gozney, Ooni pizza ovens don't come with a peel, so you have to buy one separately.

The Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel is a lightweight yet durable pizza peel made of anodized aluminum. Whether you opt for the 12-inch or 14-inch peel, the Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel makes it easy to slide, turn, and remove pizzas from your oven. 

The Perforated Pizza Peel has a tapered edge, so it can slide right under the base of your pizza, as well as a perforated base. The perforations allow steam to evaporate and excess flour to fall through, resulting in a well-baked pizza every time. 

The anodized coating protects the aluminum from corrosion and contributes to the peel’s sleek, durable surface. The Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel has a glass-reinforced nylon handle that gives you a better grip and greater stability when handling pizzas. 

The Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel should be washed by hand and isn’t dishwasher safe. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials and exposing the peel to high temperatures for an extended period of time. Rest assured, however, that this pizza peel can handle extreme temperatures in small bursts, like the 950-degree temperatures of the Ooni Pro. 

Price12”: $59.9914”: $69.99
Dimensions12”: 26 x 12 x 1.18”
14”: 27.5 x 14 x 1.18
Weight12”: 20.6oz
14”: 21.5oz
MaterialAnodized aluminum
HandleGlass-reinforced nylon

Best Wood: Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board (12, 14, and 16”)

Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board

The Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel and Serving Board is a versatile kitchen accessory. It is available in three sizes: 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. Each peel is made of moisture-resistant, smooth bamboo, giving the peel a surface that helps prevent pizza dough from sticking. 

When you’re not using it as a pizza peel, this tool functions great as a gorgeous serving board. The sturdy handle makes it easy to serve food right off the peel. 

The Bamboo Pizza Peel and Serving Board by Ooni should only be washed by hand. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials and never put your bamboo peel in the dishwasher. Make sure your peel is completely dry before storing or using. Avoid extended exposure to extreme temperatures.   

Price12”: $29.99
14”: $34.99
16”: $39.99
Dimensions12”: 19.9 x 12 x 0.47”
14”: 22.6 x 14 x 0.47”
16”: 25.1 x 15.7 x 0.5”
Weight12”: 25.3oz
14”: 37.5oz
16”: 3.7lb

Ooni Pizza Peel (12, 14, and 16”)

Ooni Pizza Peel

The Ooni Pizza Peel makes moving your pizzas to and from your oven a breeze. The lightweight peel has a smooth aluminum surface that everything from pizza and bread to meat and vegetables will slide right off of. 

The Ooni Pizza Peel is available in three sizes: 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. Each peel includes a glass-reinforced nylon handle for a more secure grip and better protection from the heat. 

The Ooni Pizza Peel should only be washed by hand. It is not dishwasher safe and should never be cleaned with abrasive cleaning materials. Store indoors and avoid leaving the peel exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. 

Price12”: $39.99
14”: $49.99
16”: $59.99
Dimensions12”: 12 x 26 x 1.4”
14”: 14 x 27.6 x 1.4”
16”: 15.7 x 29.9 x 1.1”
Weight12”: 1.19lb
14”: 1.5lb
16”: 1.8lb
MaterialLightweight aluminum
HandleGlass-reinforced nylon

Frederica Trading Pizza Peel Paddle (L and XL)

Frederica Trading Pizza Peel Paddle

The Frederica Trading Pizza Peel Paddle is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used as a pizza peel, a cutting board, or a chopping block. The gorgeous bamboo shines when used as a serving tray as well. 

The Pizza Peel Paddle by Frederica Trading is available in a large (personal) and an extra-large (family) size. Each peel is made from all-natural ethically-sourced organic bamboo that has been sealed with a light coat of peanut oil. Despite the peel’s sturdy build, both the large and extra-large peels weigh less than two pounds each. 

The wooden pizza peel paddles from Frederica Trading are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and fully-certified. The Pizza Peel Paddle is certified with all required certifications, including FSC, BSCI, LFGB, and FDA. 

The Frederica Trading Pizza Peel Paddle should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and left to air dry. Never submerge your pizza peel or put it in the dishwasher. 

PriceL: $19.95
XL: $25.95
DimensionsL: 18 x 11.5 x 0.5”
XL: 21.75 x 13.5 x 0.5”
WeightL: 1.3lb
XL: 1.85lb

Ooni 12” Classic Peel

Ooni 12” Classic Peel

One of the most simply-designed tools sold by Ooni is the Classic Pizza Peel. This 12-inch, lightweight aluminum peel makes it easy to move pizza to and from your oven without worrying about dough sticking to it. 

The Ooni Classic Peel has a compact design that is great for storage. Unfortunately, because there isn’t a handle, it may not be the best option for beginners who don’t want to get too close to the heat of their oven. 

To clean the Ooni 12” Classic Peel, wash it by hand with warm, soapy water. Avoid putting the peel in the dishwasher and never use abrasive cleaning materials to remove excess food or crumbs. 

Dimensions15 x 11.5”

Pizza Royale Pizza Peel (L and XL)

Pizza Royale Pizza Peel

The Pizza Royale Pizza Peel is made from ethically-sourced, premium natural bamboo. Both the large and extra-large sizes are perfect for placing and removing bread, pizza, and more to and from your oven. It can also be used as a cutting board and serving block.

The handle of the Pizza Royale Pizza Peel is sturdy, with an easy-grip contoured design. The peel comes with a 180-day guarantee, but with proper care, it will last for years. To keep the Pizza Royale Pizza Peel from splitting, cracking, or warping, wash it by hand with warm water, avoid submerging it, and make sure it dries completely before you use it again. 

PriceL: $29.99
XL: $34.99
DimensionsL: 19.6 x 12 x 0.6”
XL: 23.5 x 15 x 0.71”
WeightL: 1.9lb
XL: 3.31lb

Honey-Can-Do Foldable Pizza Peel (12 and 14”)

The Honey-Can-Do Foldable Pizza Peel is a great option for pizza lovers who need a peel that is easier to store. The handle of the peel folds in when not in use and can easily be stowed away. 

The aluminum carrying surface can be used with pizza, bread, vegetables, and more. The smooth blade makes it easy to shuffle food in and out of your oven. The handle is long enough that you don’t have to worry about getting too close to the heat. 

The heavy-duty aluminum blade is easy to clean, however this peel is not dishwasher safe. 

Price12”: $27.99
14”: $29.99
Dimensions12”: 12 x 14” carrying surface
14”: 14 x 16” carrying surface
Weight12”: 1.65lb
14”: 2.09lb

American Metalcraft 3714 Aluminum Pizza Peel

American Metalcraft 3714 Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Aluminum Pizza Peel made by American Metalcraft was designed to make even beginners feel like professional pizza chefs. The peel has a large, thin aluminum blade that easily slides under pizza and a long wooden handle for a comfortable grip. 

The carrying surface of the 3714 Aluminum Pizza Peel can accommodate pizzas 14 inches or smaller. And with the 23-inch handle and an overall length of 37 inches, this peel allows you to easily and safely insert and remove pizzas from your oven. 

To ensure your American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel lasts as long as possible, wash only by hand with non-abrasive cleaners.  

Dimensions14 x 16” blade, 23” handle
Material14-gauge aluminum

G.a HOMEFAVOR Perforated Pizza Peel

G.a HOMEFAVOR Perforated Pizza Peel

The Perforated Pizza Peel by G.a HOMEFAVOR is a high-quality, lightweight pizza peel made from anodized aluminum. The durable material of this pizza peel is wear-resistant and safe to use in high temperatures. 

The 12x14-inch blade easily slides under pizza, sandwiches, bread, and more. The perforation prevents excess flour from being transferred from your prep surface to the oven, resulting in a crispier, more flavorful crust.

The G.a HOMEFAVOR pizza peel also has an insulated silicone handle that keeps your hands further away from the heat while maintaining a secure grip on the peel. 

To prevent your dough from sticking, sprinkle flour or cornmeal onto the peel. To clean the G.a. HOMEFAVOR peel, hand wash it with warm, soapy water and use a soft sponge to remove any excess food or crumbs. Dry immediately. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners and don’t put the peel in your dishwasher. You should also avoid slicing your pizza while it’s on the peel or you can damage your knife blade or scratch the peel. 

Dimensions12 x 14” blade, 26” total length
MaterialAnodized aluminum
HandleAnodized aluminum with silicone grip

New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

The Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel by New Star Foodservice is a sturdy and durable pizza peel that is lightweight for easy handling. These pizza peels are designed to be crack-resistant and free of oil secretions that will sometimes transfer to your food from conventional pinewood pizza peels. 

The wooden peel has a tapered half-inch blade that makes it easier to slide underneath and lift your pizza. And at just 1.6 pounds, the peel is easy to handle, even when moving pizza to and from your oven. 

The New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel should be hand-washed only and never submerged in water. 

Dimensions27 x 18 x 1”
MaterialNatural birchwood
HandleNatural birchwood

Love This Kitchen Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

Love This Kitchen Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel by Love This Kitchen is large yet lightweight, and great for moving pizzas, bread, and more to and from your oven. The unique design of the Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel addresses struggles with sticky pizza dough. The blade of this aluminum peel has a non-stick, nano-ceramic coating with divots that allow your pizza to slide right off. The non-stick coating is FDA Food Safe Tested and contains no Teflon or PBAs. 

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel also has a back lip that prevents pizza from slipping toward the handle as it’s moved, as well as an angled hardwood handle positioned at 15 degrees for easier access to the oven from a safe distance away from the heat. Best of all, there is no special maintenance required. Wash the peel with warm soapy water, dry completely, and you’re ready to use it again. 

Dimensions24 x 14 x 4”
MaterialAluminum with ceramic coating

Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

The Acacia Wood Pizza Peel by Heritage Products is a popular choice for pizza chefs and home cooks. It’s versatile enough to use as a pizza peel, cheese board, and charcuterie board, and durable enough to stand up to weekly pizza nights for years to come. 

There are few kitchen products that would look good hanging on the wall in your kitchen, but the gorgeous natural acacia wood of this pizza peel makes it just as beautiful as it is useful. 

The Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel has a tapered edge to make it easier to remove pizza and bread from your oven. The handle is sturdy and easy to grip, so you can serve food right from the peel. 

Michael Tecku, Founder of Heritage Products, shared the following tips for taking proper care of the Acacia Wood Pizza Peel:

  • Gently wash the pizza peel with warm, soapy water
  • Thoroughly rinse the peel with clean water but do not soak it
  • Prop up the pizza peel and leave it to air dry
  • Never put your pizza peel in the dishwasher
  • For ultimate longevity, treat the peel with food safe wood oil
Dimensions22.5 x 14.5 x 1
MaterialAcacia wood
HandleAcacia wood

Ironwood Gourmet 28214 Napoli Pizza Peel

Ironwood Gourmet 28214 Napoli Pizza Peel

The Napoli Pizza Peel by Ironwood Gourmet is made of beautiful acacia hardwood. It has a slanted edge that allows it to easily slide the pizza off of and onto the peel. The sturdy handle is wider at the base to provide a more secure grip. There is even a grommet for anyone who wants to hang the peel on the wall in their kitchen. 

The Ironwood Gourmet Napoli Pizza Peel should be washed with warm, soapy water and rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Avoid soaking your pizza peel and make sure it dries completely by propping it up so that all surfaces can air dry evenly. Never put your wooden pizza peel in the dishwasher.  

Dimensions20 x 14 x 0.5”
MaterialAcacia wood
HandleAcacia wood

Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel

Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel

The Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel is made up of an aluminum head with a foldable wooden handle. The blade measures 12 inches wide and 14 inches long and the handle is 10 inches long. The fully extended, the Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel is 24 inches long.

The commercial grade aluminum is sturdy and resistant to warping, yet surprisingly lightweight. The foldable wooden handle makes this peel easy to store. To unfold the handle, simply turn the wood knob to loosen the screen, then turn the handle 180 degrees. Then tighten the handle and your Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel is ready to use. 

To clean your Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel, wash it with warm, soapy water. Use a soft sponge to remove baked-on food or crumbs, then dry immediately. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and never put your pizza peel in the dishwasher. 

Dimensions25 x 14 x 1”
HandleAll-natural pine wood

Best Turning Peels

When you've inserted your pizza with your placement peel, you want a tall peel with a smaller circular base for turning it. A real turning peel gives you better control and more safety.

Best Turning Peel: Ooni Pizza Turning Peel

Ooni Pizza Turning Peel

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel is a seven-inch, anodized aluminum turning peel that makes it easy to move and rotate your pizza while it’s inside your oven. With a non-stick surface, this peel easily slides under your pizza, while its perforation allows excess flour to fall through. 

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel is 32 inches long so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting too close to the heat while you rotate your pizza. And with the glass-reinforced nylon handle, you don’t have to worry about losing your grip on the peel.

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel should be washed with a non-abrasive cleaner. It is not dishwasher safe. 

Dimensions7 x 32 x 1”
MaterialAnodized aluminum
HandleGlass-reinforced nylon

Gozney Turning Peel

Gozney Turning Peel

The Gozney Turning Peel was designed to be used in ovens of all types, shapes, and sizes. It’s a great kitchen tool for repositioning food in a searing hot oven. 

With the Gozney Turning Peel, you can rotate and slide your pizzas with ease to reduce the risk of burning or damaging the pizzas under high temperatures. Plus, the handle of the Turning Peel is long enough that you can stay a comfortable distance away from the heat while checking on your pizza. 

To properly care for the Gozney Turning Peel, wash it by hand only. Avoid putting it in the dishwasher or using abrasive cleaning materials. 

Dimensions6.7” head diameter, 12.6” handle
MaterialStainless steel

LRUI Turning Pizza Peel

LRUI Turning Pizza Peel

The LRUI Turning Pizza Peel is super lightweight and designed specifically for professional pizza cooks, home chefs, and beginner bakers. The peel is made up of commercial grade aluminum, with a silicone grip that can withstand 480 degrees F. 

The pizza paddle has a diameter of 8 inches and the peel has a total length of 20.5 inches. Because this pizza peel lacks some of the length offered by other popular pizza peels, it is better-suited for use with smaller, portable pizza ovens. 

The LRUI Turning Pizza Peel has a smaller perforated paddle that effectively turns pizzas of all sizes, while releasing excess flour from under the crust for a more evenly-cooked base. 

Dimensions20.5 x 8”
HandleAluminum with silicone grip

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel

The Checkered Chef Pizza Peel is made from high-quality, durable stainless steel. Its extra-large blade can easily slide under pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter. 

Despite the large surface area, the Checkered Chef Pizza Peel has a folding handle for easier storage. And for a better grip on the peel as you move pizza to and from your oven, the handle features a comfortable rubber grip. 

The Pizza Peel by Checkered Chef is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

Dimensions17.6 x 13.3 x 1.3”
MaterialStainless steel
HandleStainless steel with rubber grip

Buyer’s Guide to Pizza Peels


A pizza peel’s material has a significant impact on its performance and features. Pizza peels are made of wood, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood composites. 


is the most commonly used material for pizza peels. This is partly due to the fact that it’s the more traditional material and partly because it’s strong enough to support even the heaviest pizzas. Wooden pizza peels can withstand use in even the hottest pizza ovens and raw dough tends to slide right off them. 

Wooden pizza peels tend to require more care and upkeep than metal peels. They should never be soaked in water and need to dry completely before they are used again. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cracked or warped pizza peel. Plus, because wooden pizza peels are harder to sanitize, they’re banned or restricted in some areas so you’ll want to check with the health department in your area before buying a wooden pizza peel.

Wood Composite

pizza peels are made of a combination of wood materials and resins. By adding resin, the body of the pizza peel is stronger. Because of their strength, composite pizza peels can be thinner than traditional wooden peels yet still strong enough to support even the heaviest pizza. 

Composite peels tend to be heavy. Too heavy, in fact, to have handles as long as those on wooden and metal pizza peels. A composite pizza peel usually doesn’t have a handle long enough to accommodate deep ovens. However, unlike wood pizza peels, composite pizza peels can be washed and sanitized.


Pizza peels that are made of steel are built to last. A steel bade tends to be smoother and stronger than a wooden blade. When moving your pizza from your cooking surface to the oven, a steel pizza peel is much more likely to withstand any accidental bumps along the way. They are also easier to clean than wooden pizza peels, but raw dough tends to stick to a steel blade more easily than it does a wooden one. 

Steel pizza peels have different types of handles; from wood or hollow steel handles to steel handles with plastic or rubber grips. The rubber grips are especially useful for handling the weight of a steel pizza peel, as they are usually some of the heaviest of all pizza peels. 


While steel pizza peels are often heavy and can be awkward to handle, aluminum pizza peels are light and easy to use. Pizza peels made of aluminum are great for pizza lovers who prefer metal peels over wooden ones, but don’t like the weight of stainless steel. However, aluminum pizza peels are strong and last a long time, but aren’t as durable as steel peels. 

Many aluminum pizza peels have perforated blades to further reduce their weight, while allowing extra flour to fall away from the dough. This means you have less of a mess to clean up inside your oven and a crispier, more flavorful crust to enjoy. 

One thing to keep in mind about aluminum peels is that they should be anodized to prevent oxidation and to meet the highest hygienic standards. When considering which aluminum pizza peel to buy, pay attention to whether it is constructed with anodized aluminum. 

Size & Shape

The size and shape of a pizza peel’s blade will determine what size pizza you will be able to fit on it. Pizza peels typically have either rectangular or round blades.

Rectangular peels are usually rounded at the front and are better for wide pizzas. Round pizza peels are great for turning pizzas as they cook, as well as moving smaller pizzas to and from the oven. 

To determine what size and shape would work best for you, think about the size of the pizzas you cook most often. A rectangular pizza peel provides plenty of surface area but if it’s too large, you will find it more difficult to maneuver smaller pizzas. 

When it comes to the size and shape of your pizza peel, you may find it most beneficial to have one of each type on hand. A rectangular pizza peel for putting your pizza in the oven and taking it out, and a round pizza peel to turn the pizza while it bakes. 

Handle Length

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a pizza peel is the depth of your oven. Depending on how deep the deck of your oven is, you may need a shorter or longer handle on your pizza peel. Ideally, you want a pizza peel that will allow you to reach the back of the oven with the blade while remaining at least a few inches away from the opening of your oven. 

SummaryWhen buying one or more pizza peels, the most important things to consider are material, size, shape, and handle length. Pizza peels are made of wood, wood composite, or metal. Because there are benefits to each type of pizza peel, many people decide to have more than one on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza Peels

There is no single right way to use a pizza peel. The important thing is to find what is most comfortable and works best for you. You can make your homemade pizza right on your pizza peel before sliding it into your oven, or you can use your peel to move the pizza from your prepping surface to the oven.
First you need a wood peel. And the best way to prevent dough from sticking to your peel is to first coat your peel with flour and/or cornmeal and then work quickly once your dough is placed on the peel. You may want to give your pizza peel an occasional back-and-forth shake while you prep your pizza to ensure the dough isn’t sticking.
Whether or not you can slice your pizza while it’s on the peel will depend entirely on what the peel is made of. While many wooden pizza peels can also be used as cutting boards, you will typically want to avoid cutting your pizza while it’s on a metal peel. Cutting your pizza on the peel may also result in the sauce leaking onto the peel, which means your pizza will likely stick to the peel.
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