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Hands-on Review: Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven

  • Portable outdoor pizza oven for beginners and professionals alike
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 950 degrees
  • Can cook a Neapolitan pizza in 2 minutes or less
  • Multi-fuel – Gas burner included, wood burner can be purchased separately as an accessory

The Gozney Roccbox is promoted as the world’s first portable restaurant-style pizza oven. The Roccbox was designed to be a compact, household version of the full-sized, professional pizza ovens Gozney builds for professional kitchens.

With dozens of portable home pizza ovens competing for your attention, what makes the Roccbox worth it?

Just looking at the package made me excited. I knew I was in for an enjoyable unboxing experience.

Gozney Roccbox Package

The Roccbox Outdoor Pizza Oven by Gozney gives everyone the chance to experience the divine flavor of wood-fired, brick-oven pizzeria pie at home. The Gozney Roccbox is intended for outdoor use. Because of its portability, you can easily take it with you, wherever you go. There is a heavy-duty strap included in the box just for this.

Where Can I Buy the Gozney Roccbox?

The Gozney Roccbox is purchased from the official Gozney website.

The Good & Bad

Good 👍

  • Reaches 950°F -- hot enough to cook a Neapolitan pizza in 1-2 minutes
  • Highly versatile – roast, grill, bake, sear, and more
  • Built-in thermometer
  • 5-year warranty

Bad 👎

  • Heavy
  • Limited availability due to high demand

Key Features

  • Restaurant-grade, portable home pizza oven
  • Portable – Retractable legs, detachable burner, and built-in thermometer make it easy to take the Roccbox anywhere
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 950 °F
  • Gas or wood fueled – The gas burner is included. The detachable wood burner is sold separately and can be purchased as an additional accessory.

Gozney Roccbox Specs and Technical Features

Price $499
Fuel Type Gas or wood
Dimensions 16.3 x 21 x 18.6”
Weight 44lbs / 20kg
Max Temp 950 degrees F (500 degrees C)
Pre-Heat Time 20-30 (gas) or 40 (wood) minutes
Cook Time 1-2 minutes
Cooking Surface 12.4 x 13.4”
Material Stainless steel with calcium silicate insulation
Portable Yes

What’s Included in the Box?

When your purchase a Gozney Roccbox, the following items will be included in the box:

  • Portable stone-floored oven
  • Professional-grade pizza peel
  • Detachable gas burner
  • Bottle opener
  • Heavy-duty strap
  • Manual

Setting Up the Gozney Roccbox

Setting up the Gozney gasburner to the roccbox

With the Gozney Roccbox, the setup is simple and straightforward. Once the Roccbox is removed from the box, simply unfold the legs, select a fuel, attach the appropriate burner, and light it up. If you’re cooking with gas, you connect the regulator to the gas tank, turn the gas supply on, then turn the oven on. The oven can be fueled with canisters that are a minimum of 9 pounds to a maximum of 20 pounds.

If you’re cooking with wood you will need kiln-dried wood and a natural firelighter to get the fire started. The Roccbox can only be fueled by hard, non-treated wood like ash, oak, beech, and fruit trees. You can’t use cedar, redwood, pine, fir, spruce, or recycled wood that has been used for furniture or pallets. 

As per the manual, when you use your Roccbox for the first time, you will want to give it 30 minutes to heat. After that, it takes only 20-30 minutes to reach cooking temperature.

SummarySetup is a breeze with the Gozney Roccbox. Unfold the legs, attach the right burner, light it up, and enjoy. If you’re cooking with gas, you can connect to a standard propane tank. If you’re cooking with wood, you’ll need to use hard, non-treated wood. Regardless of which fuel you use you will need to cure the Roccbox before you use it for the first time.

Design and Build Quality

Roccbox Design & Build Quality

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that it took four years to design the Roccbox. Gozney thought of practically everything when engineering his world-renowned portable pizza. From the insulated body that provides maximum heat retention to the built-in thermometer that makes it easy to maintain the right temperature, every feature of the Roccbox was included with the customer in mind. 

The Roccbox was also designed for optimum portability. The retractable legs provide stability and because they fold in, the Roccbox is easier to move around and store when not in use. 

The silicon jacket is meant to act as a safety measure, protecting you from the dangerously hot metal exterior of the oven. Gozney claims that the silicone jacket makes the oven safer for families, however, even with the silicon jacket, we found that a significant portion of the oven’s exterior still gets dangerously hot. While the Roccbox may not get as hot on the outside as other portable pizza ovens, you will still want to keep children and pets away from it while the oven is being used.

SummaryThe Gozney Roccbox was built using the same professional-grade materials as commercial pizza ovens. The built-in thermometer is great for temperature control. The retractable legs and removable burners make it easier to take the Roccbox with you on the go. The only caveat is that the silicon jacket doesn’t provide as much heat protection as Gozney claims, but perhaps it’s better than nothing.

Gozney Roccbox Performance

The Gozney Roccbox was designed to include the ideal height, shape, and plate technology for optimum heat retention with a rolling flame. The “rolling flame” is created by Gozney’s patented technology that allows the fire in the back of the oven to stretch toward the open door. This allows the flames to roll over your pizza at just the right distance.

“Turbulent, powerful, and reaching for the open door, Roccbox’s highly engineered flame is exactly what’s required to create even heat distribution and cook perfect Neapolitan pizza.”

The rolling flame allows temperatures inside the Roccbox to reach an impressive 950°F. Temperatures that high allow you to achieve a perfectly baked crust and melty toppings in less than two minutes. But it also means that if you’re not careful, you can quickly and easily watch your pizza burn to a crisp. For a properly-baked pizza, you will need to turn the pizza every 20-25 seconds until it’s done. 

One of the Roccbox’s major selling points is its dual-fuel capability. The Roccbox comes with a propane burner and a wood burner. Both are attached to the underside of the oven and secured in place with a locking mechanism. 

It takes between 20-30 minutes for the Roccbox to reach maximum cooking temperature. It’s surprisingly easy to maintain that level of heat when using gas, but a bit more difficult when fueling with wood. If you’re using wood, you’ll need to consistently rekindle the fire or you will see a dramatic decrease in temperature as you continue to use the oven. 

The built-in thermometer makes it easy to know when the oven is ready. Because the thermometer responds to a thermocouple under the stone hearth, the temperature readings are incredibly accurate. 

SummaryThe Gozney Roccbox uses patented “rolling flame” technology that allows the flame inside the oven to reach toward the open door, at the perfect distance from your pizza. And with temperatures reaching 950°F, your pizza cooks impressively fast.

Cooking with the Gozney Roccbox

Cooking a pizza in the Roccbox

The biggest piece of advice we can offer anyone making pizza with the Gozney Roccbox is to turn your pie as it cooks. The smaller pizza peel (sold separately) is your best option for a tool that makes it easy to spin the pizza while it’s inside the oven. And remember, temperatures inside the Gozney Roccbox are extremely high, so it only takes a minute or two to completely cook a Neapolitan-style pizza.

If you’re craving something other than pizza, the Gozney Roccbox is a spectacular gadget for roasting or baking other foods as well. Turn the temperature down a bit and discover how flavorful vegetables and meat can be when cooked in the Roccbox. For the best results, use a cast-iron skillet for anything other than pizza, and keep a close eye on your food as it cooks to avoid burning it.

Pro tip: When inserting the pizza into your Roccbox, make sure you use semolina or any other coarse flour, or you will get a burnt taste, especially if it's heated up to it's maximum temperature. We have put together a complete flour guide for every scenario here.

Whenever you use your Roccbox, be sure to follow basic safety precautions and keep the following in mind:

  • Place your Roccbox on a secure base when in use
  • Keep wood or gas at least 18 inches away from the Roccbox
  • The Roccbox is designed to be used outdoors – avoid using your Roccbox in enclosed areas without proper ventilation
  • Never leave your Roccbox unattended while in use
  • Avoid using your Roccbox in high winds
  • Avoid using lighter fluid or other oil-based liquids as a fire starter
  • Before using gas, make sure all gas lines and connections have been checked for leaks
  • Avoid exposing the Roccbox to water while it is lit, as this could lead to cracks and other potential safety hazards

While cooking with Gas in the Roccbox was an experience unlike any other, we would still prefer the Ooni Pro or the Ooni Karu 16 when cooking with Wood.

SummaryIt can take a couple of tries to get used to cooking with extreme temperatures, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover just how easy the process can be. The most important thing to remember is to keep a close eye on your food while it’s inside the oven and turn your pizzas as they cook for the best results.

Cleaning the Gozney Roccbox

According to Gozney, it isn’t necessary to clean your Roccbox, as it will “perform just as well regardless.” However, if you want to give your Roccbox a bit of a facelift, there is a proper way to clean it. First, allow your Roccbox to cool completely before cleaning. Because the Roccbox gets extremely hot, it can take some time to cool down.

Once your oven has cooled, use hot soapy water and a bit of elbow grease to remove stains and residue. If you can’t get the results you’re looking for with soapy water, Gozney recommends using the following items to deep-clean your Roccbox:

Using the items listed above, take the following steps to thoroughly clean your Gozney Roccbox:

  1. Burn off any food leftovers
  2. Let the oven cool completely
  3. Use the metal bristle brush to gently brush the soot off the dome and the stone floor
  4. Vacuum all the debris from inside the oven
  5. Apply stain remover to a damp cloth and rub the cloth until a paste is formed
  6. Use the cloth to polish the front of the oven
  7. Remove the stain remover paste from the oven front with a damp paper towel
  8. Spray some non-bleach cleaner on the surface of the Roccbox
  9. Rub the stains with a paper towel and repeat as needed
SummaryYou don’t have to clean your Gozney Roccbox to maintain its performance. But if you’re tired of looking at the stains and residue on your oven, you can use hot soapy water, stain remover, and non-bleach cleaning spray to make it shine like new. Just be sure to let your Roccbox cool completely before cleaning it.

Gozney Roccbox Accessories

In addition to their impressive lineup of home pizza ovens, Gozney offers several accessories that can be purchased to enhance your Roccbox experience, including:

About Gozney

Tom Gozney

The Gozney story began in 2008. Tom Gozney, the founder, product inventor, and CEO of Gozney took his love of food and interest in the practice of fire and stone cooking and built his own brick pizza oven in his backyard. He then began hand-building brick pizza ovens for local restaurants.

In 2010, Gozney founded The Stone Bake Oven Company. Motivated by personal struggles, Gozney designed a compact, precast, affordable stone oven and landed a contract with a well-known hotel group. Eventually, The Stone Bake Oven Company attracted more prestigious customers, including Marriott, River Cottage, and Michelin star chef Jean-Christophe Novelli.  

With the success of The Stone Bake Oven Company, Gozney continued to expand his company. In 2012, Gozney Professional Ovens was launched and innovative, efficient, and reliable professional ovens were introduced. Gozney Professional Ovens feature modular technology, temperature-control feedback systems, and more. By 2014, Gozney Professional Ovens had become the chosen supplier for some of the best pizzerias and restaurants in the UK. Today, you find these ovens in commercial kitchens all over the world, including MOD, Pizza Pilgrims, Franco Manca, and more. 

Never one to settle, even after immense success, Gozney expanded his business yet again with the invention of the Roccbox in 2016. After four years of development, the Roccbox was launched via Indiegogo after raising $1.2 million in just 45 days. Gozney designed the Roccbox after recognizing a need for a restaurant-quality, consumer-friendly, home pizza oven. The Roccbox uses the same technology and materials as the professional Gozney ovens, but in a more compact and portable form. The Roccbox has since been a worldwide success. 

In 2018, Gozney consolidated his existing product lines under one company and thus “Gozney” was formed as a single brand.

SummaryThe Gozney Company got its start in 2008 when founder, inventor, and CEO Tom Gozney founded The Stone Bake Oven Company through which he sold commercial stone pizza ovens. In 2012, Gozney Professional Ovens was launched and sold professional ovens to restaurants and pizzerias in the UK. In 2016, the Roccbox was introduced, then in 2018, all the Gozney product lines were consolidated under a single company name: Gozney.

Overall Thoughts

The Gozney Roccbox is neither the cheapest nor the lightest portable pizza oven, but it is by far one of the best portable ovens available. In terms of design quality, performance, versatility, and ease of use, the Roccbox is a beginner-friendly home pizza oven that works like a professional-grade brick oven. From delicious Neapolitan pizzas to succulent roasted chicken, there are endless opportunities to create delicious meals right in your backyard. Despite its hefty price tag, the Gozney Roccbox is a great addition to any home’s cooking essentials.

Review: 5/5

Update: One Year Later

Any product that is used frequently for months on end can be expected to show signs of wear, especially when high temperatures are involved. It has been over a year since Gozney sent me the Roccbox. And after using it several times a week on average, it continues to work flawlessly.

My Roccbox still preheats in under 20 minutes and just takes a minute for a 10- to 12-inch pizza to cook. I have kept the oven going for several hours at a time and have been impressed by how well the Roccbox maintains its heat. Even after cooking with the Roccbox for a few hours, it takes less than an hour to cool down.

It’s incredibly easy to clean, which has been great. The heat of the oven typically takes care of any leftover food still inside the oven but I use a paper towel to wipe away soot so that my Roccbox still shines like new. I only use my Roccbox outside and store it inside to ensure it continues working like new for years to come.

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