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KettlePizza Charcoal Pizza Oven Kit for Weber Grill - Dishcrawl Top Pick

Pizza enthusiasts all over the world have been converting their Weber charcoal kettle grills into pizza ovens. The American Made products are great ways to double the use of the worlds most popular charcoal grill.

The KettlePizza is a great choice for those wanting to cook charcoal or woodfired pizza. It is not a stand alone pizza oven like the Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Oven, that said it does cook some pretty tasty pizzas.

Should You Buy Your Own KettlePizza Charcoal Pizza Oven Kit for Weber Kettle Grills?

An astounding YES! If you are looking for an affordable way to have a charcoal or wood-fired oven in your back yard the KettlePizza Charcoal kit is the answer! Even if you don't own a Weber charcoal kettle and need to buy the entire package we still feel it is a great investment and way to get started cooking your own wood-fired pizzas at home !

Traditional Pizza Oven vs. KettlePizza Grill Attachment

Many people have dreams of having a real brick or stone pizza oven in their back yard.  I can’t blame them!  Some people even want to build their own, thinking it would be a fun project.  I get calls from these people often who start these projects and then can’t find the time to finish.  They find the KettlePizza is a way to get started with an inexpensive pizza oven.  This post is to give people a comparison of the KettlePizza and a traditional pizza oven.

Cost: A 22.5″ KettlePizza with a Weber Kettle Grill will cost you between $180.00 and $500 depending on the setup that you choose.  A traditional pizza oven will most likely costs at least $1000 and that is if you do the work yourself.  If you have it installed expect $2500-10000.

Mobility:  You can move a KettlePizza & Weber grill combo wherever you want as it is on wheels.  With a weight between 50 and 100 pounds you can transport it easily as well.  A traditional pizza oven will be set in place and is not movable.

Startup Time:  The KettlePizza takes about 20 minutes to get the charcoal/hardwood to temperature.  Add another 20 minutes if you are using a stone.  Most traditional pizza ovens take at least 1 1/2 hours to get to temperature.

Flexibility:  Removing the KettlePizza insert takes about 30 seconds and you are left with a kettle grill.  Better yet, keep it on and cook other food types using the double stack method.  Traditional pizza ovens are great for cooking other foods as well once you get used to them.

Gas Grill Options: Now there are KettlePizza gas inserts that work with most gas grills.  Gas is even more convenient than charcoal and more people have gas grills.  

In summary, a traditional pizza oven is awesome as long as you have the money, space, and time  to use it.  For those who don’t, the KettlePizza may be a nice alternative for you.  And don’t forget, we make the KettlePizza entirely in the USA.

Features of the KettlePizza

  • Professional-grade stainless steel and American Made
  • Multi-fuel outdoor oven – choose wood, charcoal or a combination
  • Transportable - you can bring to a tailgate or party
  • Cost - Both the KettlePizza charcoal and KettlePizza Gas are highly affordable when compared to other pizza ovens

What Makes the KettlePizza Unique?

“The KettlePizza is the easiest way to turn your Weber grill into a wood-fired outdoor oven. It adds versatility to your grill. There’s nothing like it available on the market today.”  

The KettlePizza Charcoal Kit with Pro Grate was selected as a best pick by America's Test Kitchen. That is quite an endorsement and we agree that it is a great option for people that already own a Weber Kettle Grill.

Our Thoughts

You guessed it, we absolutely love the KettlePizza and made it a Top Pick! If you choose to get one either for your charcoal or gas oven we are sure you will be happy.

Review: 5/5

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