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Pizza Oven for Kit for Gas Grills - KettlePizza Gas Pro Kit is a Winner

Many people around the world already have a gas cooking grill in their back yard or patio. How great would it be if you could easily convert that grill into a pizza making machine! In this review we look at the American Made KettlePizza Gas Pro which is a pizza oven attachment for gas grills with three or more burners. T

The KettlePizza Gas Pro is a super option for those that already have a gas cooking grill. It is not a stand alone pizza oven like the Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Oven, that said, it does cook some pretty amazing pizzas.

Should You Buy Your Own KettlePizza for Gas Grills Grills? - YES!

The KettlePizza Gas Pro is a Great Option for Cooking on Your Grill

Traditional Pizza Oven vs. KettlePizza Grill Attachment

Many people have dreams of having a real brick or stone pizza oven in their back yard.  Who wouldn't!  Some people even want to build their own, thinking it would be a fun project.  I get calls from these people often who start these projects and then can’t find the time to finish.  If you already own a gas grill with three or more burners then you are in luck! The KettlePizza Gas Pro may be the pizza oven attachment for you!

Why Does It Work

Gas grills are terribly inefficient. Every time you open the lid you lose all the build up heat. Plus the volume of the cooking chamber is too large to get adequate heat to the top of the pizza. People who cook pizza on a regular grill usually end up with overcooked bottoms and undercooked tops. The KettlePizza cures this.

The solid stainless steel chamber sits on top of your grill where it is "cooked" to absorb the heat. A pizza stone (included in the KettlePizza kits) is added to the middle and the burners are adjusted so the heat is flowing mainly on the left and right of the grill. Since the top of the heated insert is only an inch or two from the top of the pizza the hear radiates down and cooks the pizza top down. The heated pizza stone absorbs moisture giving you that crispy crust that everyone loves. Here is a video that the KettlePizza Gas Pro inventor did:

Cost: The Gas Pro kits cost between $200-400 dollars depending on the stone and pizza peel that you select. We were excited that the steel enclosure is made with American steel and laser cut in their factory in Hudson, NH.

Mobility:  The KettlePizza Gas Pro has a handle laser cut into the steel. This is important because these enclosures are HEAVY! The steel mass is needed to absorb the heat during the cooking process. Once cool the product is easy to carry around.

Startup Time:  The KettlePizza Gas Pro takes about 20 minutes to get the steel and stone up to temperature.

Flexibility:  We have seen people use these enclosures to broil steaks with. It is a versatile product. Here is a video from Pittmaster Matt Frampton cooking a mouth-watering ribeye steak.

Gas Grill Options: These kits are intended for gas grill with three or more burners.

In summary, we love this option for people that already have a gas grill and are not ready to invest in a stand alone pizza oven like an Ooni or Gozney pizza oven.

Features of the KettlePizza Gas Pro

  • Professional-grade stainless steel and American Made
  • Gas outdoor oven – works on your gas grill
  • Transportable - you can bring to a tailgate or party
  • Cost - The KettlePizza Gas Pro is highly affordable when compared to other pizza ovens

What Makes the KettlePizza Gas Pro Unique?

“The KettlePizza Gas Pro is the easiest way to turn your gas grill into an outdoor pizza oven. It adds versatility to your grill.”  

Our Thoughts

You guessed it, we absolutely love the KettlePizza Gas Pro. If you choose to get one either for your gas grill we are sure you will be happy.

Review: 5/5

Al Contarino
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