Dishcrawl is dedicated to re-imagining the way people think about pizza, drink, and their community. You can find amazing pizza and other fun food events in every city!


Dishcrawl invites you on a pizza adventure. We provide a variety of events related to food and drink both locally and internationally.

Meet the team

Jessica DeMay

Jessica is the lead content creator of Dishcrawl. She has lived in Italy (Napoli) for 7 years and has since become absolutely obsessed with pizza.

Jessica Scipioni

Jessica was born in Rome, raised in Florida, and moved to Napoli 4 years ago. She has seen Italian food being ruined in many places, so she is passionate about presenting the real, authentic, and genuine Italian food to the world. She loves traveling, running, and, of course, pizza.

Tracy Lee

At a young age, Tracy began realizing that there were two kinds of people, the kind that savored food and the kind that cannot tell the difference between Kobe beef and boiled cabbage. She immediately knew which side of the divide she was going to choose. Now her extensive start-up experience, marketing background and technical know-how have culminated in Dishcrawl. She dreams of a world where she can share her passion for good food and equally excellent company around the world.

Jeff Tchang

Jeff heads up development at Dishcrawl and brings his experience working with various technologies on a wide array of platforms and services.

Thea Norment Rodrock

She not only has a passion for food, but she is brilliant with a Masters from Stanford. She is an Electrical Engineer and a Computer Scientist. She is also a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. So, what do virtuosos like her do in the spare time? They found multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

Sharon Ngo Tran

She hails from a lineage of butchers, bakers, and yes- restauranteurs. Although she is not following in that path, Sharon embraces a good adventure when she sees it. She is always ready to roll up her sleeves and get neck deep in different experiences, from public policy work to geoduck hunting. For as long as she can remember, Sharon has been intrigued by the power food has on people, the economy, the world. As a see-fooder herself, she strives to one day break her chip habit and be a fanatic with healthier snacks.

Julie Kodama

Julie has been a foodie her whole life. She found out about Dishcrawl serendipitously on Twitter and has taken on the challenge of putting her passion for process to work in Dishcrawl. Julie hails as our Dishcrawl's operations guru.

Katie Mitchell

Katie grew up on a steady diet of mac & cheese and cookie dough but has since expanded her dining preferences (thank goodness!). A native of San Jose, she is back in Portland after finishing up her masters degree in Boston. Previously a freelance food and drink writer, Katie loves checking out new restaurants and tracking down hidden gems. Happy hours are her favorite. Cheers!

Al Contarino

Al is the new owner of Dishcrawl since 2021. He is a self proclaimed pizza officiano having designed and engineered pizza ovens, cooking grills and the KettlePizza for Weber Kettle Grills. Al lives north of Boston with his wife, two kids and four dogs.

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