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The Best Pizza in Hamilton: Top 5

Hamilton, ON, Canada
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We’re on a quest to find the tastiest slices on planet Earth. Today, we’re checking out the best pizza in Hamilton - and this is a fun one. Whereas most of the cities we cover are generally pretty straightforward (in terms of execution or style), Hamilton is quite lucky. They have a generous helping of the usual joints, but the best of the best - they’re all quite unique in their own way.

So - who has the best pizza in Hamilton? Let’s take a look at the three winners.

Mai Pai

best pizza in hamilton - Mai Pai
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Our first entry is something unexpected - a tiki bar! Mai Pai is a tiki bar first and foremost, in that they serve elaborate, fruity, and powerful cocktails. But their menu is quite refreshing; Mai Pai serves flavorful Asian fusion and super-unique wing combinations, but the pizza is where they truly shine. 

Each pie is baked Detroit-style, a variation on Sicilian-style that delivers incredibly crispy, crunchy crusts and ooey-gooey cheese. Each pie is its own work of art, with some basking in simplicity as others take pride in their abnormal and wonderful flavors. 

If you want an experience for dinner accompanied by new flavor profiles, cocktails with a punch, and an incredibly relaxing environment, Mai Pai may just be the best pizza in Hamilton.


Avesta is something unlike anything we’ve covered before - and that’s saying something. Dishcrawl has covered Indian-inspired pizza joints, Thai and Vietnamese fusion pies, and everything in between - but never a Middle Eastern pizza restaurant. 

And that’s exactly what Avesta is; they serve classic Middle Eastern fare (gyros, shawarma, kebabs, etc.) alongside pizzas that use flavors traditionally reserved for non-pizza fare to extraordinary effect. If you’re looking for a Halal pizza joint (an even larger rarity), you’re in luck - Avesta offers both pizza and traditional Mediterranean meals that are fully Halal

Give Avesta a call the next time you’re craving shawarma, fattoush, or halloumi - but order it in pizza form. You’ll be surprised at how truly incredible it is.

Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago Style Pizza is a restaurant whose name says all that’s needed. They’re a joint that’s been around since the mid-1940s, moving from Chicago to Hamilton in the early 70s. This is a truly Italian pizzeria that serves what may be the most authentic Chicago-style pizza served outside the Windy City itself. 

They use top-notch dough that’s crafted in-house each day and offer five signature pies: 

  • “stuffed” (traditional Chicago-style, weighing in at roughly 7 lbs.)
  • Regular (non-Chicago, west-coast style pizza)
  • Thick and thin crusts (self-explanatory) 
  • White pizza - no sauce, no mozzarella; just simple, fresh, and minimal toppings.

For my American readers living in the Great White North, Chicago Style Pizza is the best pizza in Hamilton - and it’s sure to remind you of home in all the best ways.

Honorable Mentions

wood fire pizza oven
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Now - the spots above were pretty unique. We had a true Chicago-style pizza joint in Hamilton, a Middle Eastern pizza restaurant, and a tiki bar serving truly excellent Detroit-style pan pizzas - but that’s not all. While the two joints below didn’t make the top of our list of the best pizza in Hamilton, they’re not to be ignored. Just trust me on this - you’ll see why quite soon.


Caro is a modern Italian restaurant that simply oozes refinement and ease of mind. While they’re not technically a pizza spot, they do serve some of the truly best pizza in Hamilton. You’ll find a handful of pasta entrees and house-made desserts on the menu alongside a select offering (seven, to be precise) of pizzas. 

Each is made with incredibly unique toppings (fried chicken, gorgonzola, and Carolina BBQ pie, anyone?) and a handful of the freshest ingredients you’ll get in town. One other genuinely fantastic thing about Caro is that they have gluten-free noodles and dough for all entrees and craft their own vegan cheese in-house for those who want a plant-based pizza.

If you want a wildly refined dining experience that delivers top-notch drinks with unique, fresh, and local dishes, Caro is the stop for you.

Sweet Beets

This last entry may be controversial, but it really shouldn’t be. Our final restaurant is Sweet Beets - a wholly vegan restaurant. Now, before the more carnivorous readers get up in arms, let’s clarify something; plant-based food can be exceptional, regardless of your dietary preferences.

This is something that Sweet Beets echoes; one might say they shout it from the rooftops, as each item on their menu is genuinely incredible. While pizzas aren’t the only focus of their men (they offer burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and more), they are one of the highlights. In fact, the vegans in our readership might argue that they're the best pizza in Hamilton. They serve thin-crust pies made with vegan dough (and ingredients, obviously) and offer a gluten-free cauliflower crust that will make you double-guess your dedication to gluten, if only for a second. 

The truth of the matter is as follows: regardless of your dietary preferences, Sweet Beets makes vegan food that is truly exceptional. Give them a try the next time you want comfort food without the guilt.

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