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The Best Pizza in Montreal, QC: Top 5

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Good god, I love pizza - and if you do, too, you’re in the right spot. We’ve embarked upon the most serious of journeys to discover the best pizza in each town we visit - and we’ve finally made it to Quebec. So today, we’re taking a look at the best pizza in Montreal - and there are some truly incredible spots this time around.

We’ve got vegan spots, greasy fast-casual by-the-slice stops, and more - so let’s dig in and find the best pizza in Montreal, shall we?

Il Focolaio

Il Focolaio is one of the longest-standing pizza joints in Montreal, having opened its doors in 1984. They’re known for serving wood-fired pizza that draws from Italian tradition while adding a touch of Montreal to the mix. And beyond their pies, they’re a truly community-focused joint, planting two trees for each individual one burnt to fuel their fires.

The menu is truly excellent, combining classic Neopolitan pizza with unique ingredients that remind you of the local Quebecois French influence. They use farm-fresh ingredients and top-notch meats, from the tomatoes that make the sauce to the capocollo and other Italian cured meats. 

There is very little here to argue about - Il Focolaio is the best pizza in Montreal, as proven by time and quality.

Pizza Bouquet

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If you’re a fan of pizza’s other side - that is, fast, greasy, and casual - Pizza Bouquet is likely your stop. They serve classic New York-style pizza by the slice, and it is truly delicious. While the pies are top-notch, the employees and ambiance are what sets Pizza Bouquet apart. They’re friendly, welcoming, and so dang relaxing that it’s impossible not to feel like you’re home after entering.

The pizza is incredibly straightforward, which is definitely a bonus. Pizza Bouquet offers no-frills, classic pizza in a form that is at its best when you’ve had a touch too much to drink and need greasy goodness - now. They are, simply put, some of the best pizza in Montreal, hands down.

Give Pizza Bouquet a call the next time you need straightforward pizza by the slice.

Pizzeria 5 Saveurs

Pizzeria 5 Saveurs is something quite unique in the world of pizza - they’re a health-focused pizza joint! While that may seem at odds with the whole concept of pizza, 5 Saveurs has found a way to make it work. They serve pies that are packed with flavor while bringing some (most likely) much-needed nutrients to your body.

The food is quite unique; the sauce is made without sugar and has added spices and oils that 5 Saveurs claim to be healthy. The dough is crafted with untreated, whole grain flour and is free of added sugars. And perhaps best of all, they offer both vegan and vegetarian pies galore, ensuring there’s a pie for every dietary restriction out there.

If you’re trying to eat healthily but need a slice (who can blame you), Pizzeria 5 Saveurs is likely the best pizza in Montreal for you.

Honorable Mentions

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On our quest to find the best pizza in Montreal, we found a lot of excellent pizza shops. But the downside of articles like this is that there can be only one (er, five), so we have to make the painful decision - who stays, and who has to leave the list?

This is the beauty of the honorable mentions section - it allows us to highlight places that are so new, strange, or unique that we can’t reasonably put them in the top three. And that’s exactly what we’re doing today - we have a couple of excellent joints to cover for you. The first, Chez Zac, is a vegan-only pizzeria, whereas the second, Ugo, is a brand-new Roman-style pizza joint.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Chez Zac Pizzeria

Okay - this is going to be a controversial one, so I’m going to start it simply. Carnivores, while welcome, are not the main clientele of Chez Zac Pizzeria. They are Montreal’s first vegan-only pizzeria and have earned quite a bit of love and attention from the locals - plant-based or otherwise. The truth of the matter is that vegan food can be delicious; you just need to give it a chance.

And the funny thing is that Chez Zac began as any other pizzeria, offering meat and veg options alike. But then they saw something strange - their vegan and vegetarian pies outsold the meat-based ones every day. So, they adapted - and the vegan pies remained the staple of the joint. They serve Thai-inspired pies, classic Italian pizzas, and (of course) a few Montreal-local-inspired pies, too.

If you’re seeking a truly excellent plant-based alternative, Chez Zac Pizzeria is hands down the best pizza in Montreal.


Ugo is probably the newest entry to the Montreal pizza scene, having opened its doors in December of 2021. The shop is named after the owner, Ugo di Nunzio, in classic Italian fashion and serves up Roman-style pies that visitors can mix and match to their hearts’ content. While Roman pies are a relatively unexplored horizon for pizza up until recently, it’s grown quite rapidly in popularity.

And upon tasting an Ugo pie, you’ll understand why. When you enter, the vibe is surprising; it feels like any Parisian bakery you’ve ever seen. The pies are displayed in a delicate counter case, where customers can select their stomach’s new love and chow down in a matter of minutes. The standard pies themselves are simple, elegant, and straightforward, as are the focaccia sandwiches and pizzas. 

Ultimately, while Ugo just barely missed our top 3 for the best pizza in Montreal, they’re still quite deserving of a visit.

Ethan Hauck
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