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Best Pizza in Belltown Seattle, WA - Top 5 Pizza Eateries

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Best Pizza in Belltown Seattle
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Whether you're a pizza purist dedicated to only the fluffiest of Neopolitan crusts, or a dirty hippy who loves creative and new-school pies, Seattle's Belltown neighborhood is one of the best spots to grab a slice on the west coast. And, seeing as we're huge fans of pizza here (I know, who would've suspected?) we figured it was about time to highlight a few stops that have earned a reputation for excellence in Belltown.

So - who has the best Belltown pizza?

The 5 Best Belltown Pizza Restaurants

The Pink Door

The Pink Door was founded in the remnants of an old violin shop in 1981. Since then, it's become owner Jackie Roberts' ode to the art of crafting delicious pies in true Italian fashion. While the name comes from the milky pink color inspired by the tiles of The Duomo in Firenze, The Pink Door's reputation is for excellent pies and friendly, down-to-earth service.

If you want to experience a hardwood-adorned beauty of a building alongside a meal in one of the best Seattle restaurants, The Pink Door is your stop.

Von's 1,000 Spirits

Von's 1,000 Spirits - Belltown Pizza
Photo courtesy of Von's 1,000 Spirits

Von's 1,000 Spirits is a unique standout in this list. While they certainly boast some of the best Belltown pizza, they're known for their collection of craft cocktails and spirits. Their "complete menu" is sure to be one of the largest cocktail menus you'll ever see, and the pizza - oh, the pizza.

The owner's ancestors include master cheesemakers, Guiness World Record holders, and more - but the true hero in the family is the 65-year-old family sourdough starter. It forms the foundation of each wood fired pizza, defines their warm house bread, and brings character to each pasta dish that graces their menu. Ultimately, if you're in the market for top-notch cocktails alongside some of the best Seattle pizza out there - you owe yourself a trip to Von's 1,000 Spirits.

Rocco's Specialty Bar & Pizzeria

While Rocco's may look like your classic Seattle dive bar from the outside, they've managed to create something truly unique. They believe in creating each menu item from scratch, using (wherever possible) locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Housemade ricotta, daily-made dough, and locally-cured meats grace the menu at Rocco's, accompanied by a number of local craft cocktails and spirits.

And Rocco's pizza isn't just your standard, run-of-the-mill peperroni and cheese pie. No - they create new and exciting flavors with each pie. From Banh Mi-inspired pies to the DILLicious (sausage, ricotta, dill, garlic-rub base), there's a flavor here for every palate.

Honorable Mentions

Neopolitan Pizza
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Now, don't think that just because these next pizza joints didn't make the top three they're not excellent nonetheless. Both Bambino's Pizzeria and Seattle Pizza & Bar are fantastic stops for a slice and brew, no matter how you cut it.

Bambino's Pizzeria

If you're in the mood for a Neopolitan-style pie (or as close as you can get in the States), Bambino's is likely the place for you. They've served up wood-fired Neopolitan pizzas absolutely loaded with fresh, mouthwatering ingredients. And if you're a brew and pizza kinda person, Bambino's has a tap list that's honestly perhaps too large, if anything.

Don't let the honorable mention fool you - Bambino's is legitimately one of the best Belltown restaurants - pizza or otherwise.

Seattle Pizza & Bar (Honorable Mention)

And finally, we make it to Seattle Pizza & Bar. They go the opposite direction of most others on this list, instead opting to meet the greasy embrace of west coast pizza with open arms. They make use of a gas convection oven rather than a wood-fired pizza oven, but those who grew up in the Pacific Northwest know what that means.

An appropriately-crispy crust is met with Maillard reaction-ed (Maillarded? is that a word?) cheese in its crispiest, gooiest form. If you want some of the best Seattle pizza in true PNW form, Seattle Pizza & Bar is the joint for you.

If you don't feel like dining out, consider cooking your own pizza at home on your own pizza oven! Be sure to check out our reviews of the Best Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Making pizza is even more fun than dining out!

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