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5 Best Boston Pizza Restaurants for Knock Your Socks Off Pizza

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Best Boston Pizza
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Pizza is more than food; it's art - a glimpse into the soul of the person who made it. Each pie is slightly different, unique, and beautiful, which is why it's so hard to pick the best of the best... except that's exactly what we did. If you're a Boston native, stay tuned - we picked the best Boston restaurants to grab a slice at in 2022.

Top 5 Best Boston Pizza Places

Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria is a Boston household staple at this point. And considering that their doors have been open for just under a century (open in 1926), it's fair to bet that Regina isn't going anywhere, any time soon. They greet every guest with a full-bodied "Welcome to Boston's original pizzeria!" and it's a welcoming phrase they've earned through grease, sweat, and a hearty helping of elbow grease.

You'll find a number of Regina locations across Boston and the surrounding area, so don't hesitate to give them a try - they'll surprise you every time.

Santarpio's Pizza

Santarpio's is a longstanding Boston institution that serves up piping-hot slices of classic New York-style pizza. While the exterior is a classic, humble Boston build, the true magic lies in their pies. The sauce is painstakingly crafted each day, the dough is created with care, and they deliver the perfect combination of crunch and fluffy crust every time.

Go to Santarpio's for a longstanding, proven Boston pizza place serving up classic New York-style slices.

Ernesto's Pizza

And the third-place winner of best Boston pizza is Ernesto's Pizza. While Ernesto's also serves pasta, sandwiches, and several sides, they're best known for their pizzas. Ernesto's is a relatively new entry into the Boston pizza scene (showing up on Slice for the first time in 2018), but they've quickly earned a reputation for effortlessly delicious pies.

If you want fast, casual, and incredibly greasy (yet mouthwateringly delicious) pizza, Ernesto's is an excellent choice.

Honorable Mentions

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Now - to the honorable mentions. These places are incredible in their own right but were slightly outshined by a few minor details. If we're being fair, though, a city as old as Boston is going to make it really hard to break a nearly century-long stint as the city's go-to pizza stop - so give these Boston restaurants a chance to shine - you'll be surprised.


For those who want a sweeter accompaniment to their delicious pizza, Picco is one of Boston's most well-hidden gems. They serve up thin-crust pizzas in classic Italian fashion alongside homemade ice cream and a number of excellent local beers on tap.

While Picco is certainly a more casual stop than others on this list, the combination of cold beer, hot pizza, and creamy frozen deliciousness is really a bit too much to just... pass up.


And finally, we make it to Locale. Over the years, Locale has developed a reputation as one of the best Neopolitan-style pizza joints in Boston for date night. They're nestled in an adorable building, and make use of the best possible ingredients - no canned or prepackaged produce here. Each item is crafted with the love and attention that Nonna gave, and it shows once the first bite hits your lips.

Swing by Locale for your next night out - you won't be disappointed.

If you don't feel like dining out, consider cooking your own pizza at home on your own pizza oven! Be sure to check out our reviews of the Best Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Making pizza is even more fun than dining out!

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