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Become a Dishcrawl Ambassador!

Is Dishcrawl in your city? If not, now’s your opportunity to become a local hero! Bring Dishcrawl to your city and experience an awesome journey filled with food, entrepreneurship, and happiness.

A little about Dishcrawl and our “Mission 100”

Dishcrawl’s Ambassador Program is an initiative created by Dishcrawl Founder Tracy Lee. Our “Mission 100” is a 2012 goal to create 100 local entrepreneurs through the Dishcrawl Ambassador Program in cities across the U.S. and Canada.

“When I began Dishcrawl, it was because I wanted to do more with my life than work a 9-5. I know so many women who feel the same. We started the Ambassador Program so females who want to take charge of their lives can.” says Tracy Lee, Founder of Dishcrawl. “I want to make success accessible to everyone passionate enough to get involved in their local food community.”

What does it take to be an Ambassador?

Being an Ambassador means you get to take people on food adventures, work with chefs at local restaurants, and become a leader in your local food community.

Only the motivated, passionate, and dedicated survive the Ambassador Program, and we don’t accept anything less.

The dedication is 15-20 hours a week. It’s easy if you’re motivated. We make sure we give you the tools to be successful.

What benefits come with the Ambassador Program?

In addition to gaining new skills or using the already awesome skills you have in marketing, PR, social media, sales, event management, personal and business branding and more, we reward our Ambassadors’ hard work by sharing the net profit from our Dishcrawls.

Feedback from our Ambassadors

“It’s a great way to contribute to the local food scene while quickly learning key business skills and building your own personal brand within the industry,” says Katie Mitchell of Portland, one of Dishcrawl’s first ambassadors.

Apply for our Ambassador Program

To apply for our Ambassador Program, send a paragraph on why you are awesome, what city you’re located in, and when you want to start taking over the food world. Emails can be sent to

Looking forward to meeting you!

Much Love,
Tracy @ladyleet and the Team Dishcrawl

Jessica DeMay
Jessica is the lead content creator of Dishcrawl. She has lived in Italy (Napoli) for 7 years and has since become absolutely obsessed with pizza.
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