Startup Hustle With Mtl New Tech, Mtl Girl Geek Dinners, And Dishcrawl! (Montreal)

Not your average Dishcrawl OR networking event!  Beer, poutine, and some other delicacies to be explored on this fabulous night.  Do the Startup Hustle with Dishcrawl, Montreal New Tech, and Montreal Girl Geek Dinners as a prelude to Startup Festival!  We're charging for this event to cover food costs.  You will be fed at 3 different places and have a lovely drink at the end! :)

Are you a Startup Founder? Or maybe you just like to watch. Join the Startup Hustle, where founders are let loose into a sea of... well, you tech folks to pitch pitch pitch the night away.

We'll be hustlin' and dinin' in the format of 3-4 places in 1 night.  Jolly down St. Laurent for an eve of fun with us!  It's about the startups and the more "rustic" side of Montreal food. :)  We'll be visiting Notman House on our journey, home of the newly founded Founder Fuel  and Blue Dog!

THREE StartupS will be crowned "The Hustler" and win a pass to Startup Festival (worth ~$300)

Practice that elevator pitch because you'll be chatting with the best and the brightest over noms and beer.  Who knows, you might just meet the angel of your dreams.  :)  Food and fun included, bring cash for drinks (2 drinks included).

07:00 PM
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