Foie-Some, Four-Some (Downtown Sj)

Four chefs in Downtown San Jose collaborate on a 5 course menu. Each chef presents one dish, with dessert as a collaboration.

Menu below. :)

Gunkan Foie Gras Sushi with demi "soy", horseradish "wasabe", jicama and flower petal salad

Foie Street Tacos with vadalia sweet onion, banana peppers, and French sauce vert "salsa verde

Foie Mousse in pepper smoked bacon cups with demi glace and micro broccoli

Skirt Steak and Foie Pate Roulade with chili oil, french fingerlings, and lascanitos kale

Foie Panna Cotta Pearls with vanilla drizzle and berry compote

Location of #foiebattle will happen 24H before the event.

Reservations are $110 (tax and tip inclusive) but please bring cash for drinks/wine pairings.

These intimate foie dinners will revolve through the month, each week with a different chef from your local restaurants.

Dishcrawlers will rate each dish, and at the end of the month, the chef with the best foie dish will be announced.

Protestors, 5% of the proceeds will go to CHEFS, the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards. Please, let us enjoy our moments left alone with our soon to be banned deliciousness.

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