Bataille De Sf Chefs- Foie Gras (Sf)

Hosted in an undisclosed location (until 24 hours prior), two chefs duel it out with the main dish- foie gras.

Think classic french elegance with a little twist of personality from each chef. Definitely the umami of foie, this bataille.

8 different interpretations of foie gras in a hip, romantic setting.

A little sneak peek at the menu.... from one chef. ;)

CROQUETTES de FOIE GRAS et CRABE sea beans, pine nuts, parsley oil, creme fraiche, lemon confit

OEUFS en COCOTTE au FOIE GRAS Free range eggs, cream, white truffle essence, chives, brioche croutons

SEARED FOIE GRAS Green papaya beads, moringa tempura, jalapeno and ginger foam

FOIE GRAS Crème glacée Citrus compote, caramel sauce

Wine pairing and full bar will be available for cash/cc the night of the event.

Reservations include all tax and tip.

These intimate foie dinners will revolve through April/May, ending May 31, 2012, each week with a different chef from your local restaurants.

Dishcrawlers will rate each dish, and at the end of the month, the chef with the best foie dish will be announced.

Protestors, 5% of the proceeds will go to CHEFS, the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards. Please, let us enjoy our moments left alone with our soon to be banned deliciousness.

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