Foie Live Demo Dinner (San Mateo)

Hosted in an undisclosed location (until 24 hours prior), this Peninsula Chef enters the Foie Battle with a bang!

Seated in the exquisite demonstration kitchen, guests will see the Chef hard at work and learn the delicate techniques of cooking with foie.

Chef's Menu:

Foie Gras Torchon: Pickled figs, bruleed dates, brioche, southern apple butter

Foie Gras Bao: Slow cooked pork belly, kimchee, foie miso honey

Foie Gras Agnolotti: Morels, English peas, shaved spring veg

Roasted Squab with Pan Seared Foie: Roasted breast, confit leg, seared foie, kumquat jus

Foie Gras Panna Cotta: Compressed fruits, brown sugar tuile, almonds

Reservations are $100 (tax and tip inclusive) but bring cash for drinks/wine.

These intimate foie dinners will revolve through the month, each week with a different chef from your local restaurants.

Dishcrawlers will rate each dish, and at the end of the month, the chef with the best foie dish will be announced.

Protestors, 5% of the proceeds will go to CHEFS, the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards. Please, let us enjoy our moments left alone with our soon to be banned deliciousness.

08:00 PM
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