Dishcrawl is Lancaster’s premier food tour and culinary experience provider. Dishcrawl offers you fantastic food with a social atmosphere wrapped up in a 3 hour adventure.

Let us take you on a culinary adventure

Dishcrawl is the premier walking food tour that takes you on a culinary adventure. Restaurant by restaurant we introduce Lancaster's local food scene on a neighborhood level.

Each one of our food tours are designed so you’ll be entertained, informed, and well fed. We’ll satisfy both your craving for good food and your curiosity about downtown Lancaster. Come hungry because on all of our food tours, you will get to try a variety of cultural foods from 3 unique establishments that showcase why Lancaster's local food has become the NEWEST and HOTTEST culinary destination.

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Hooray for May, Dishcrawl in Lancaster

Tue. May 20, 14
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster is home to hundreds of unique eateries, the majority of which are independently owned and operated, cater to the most laid-back outings, the most elegant cuisines and everything in between. Experience 3 of them in one night on May 20th "Hooray for May" Dishcrawl.