Beta Tasting - Vote for your fave NEW food truck dish!

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San Jose Giants Parking Lot

588 East Alma Avenue, San Jose, CA 95112 (parking available nearby)

We're also proud to announce a special musical performance by local artist Peter Chung.

Food trucks are finally giving consumers a voice to what they want to be served. With a mass tasting deemed “Beta Tasting”, food trucks invite foodies to taste and vote on test kitchen dishes on May 2nd in the South Bay.

Menu includes over 20 experimental dishes from 10+ food trucks in the Bay Area, including a selection of vegetarian options. All dishes are priced $3-$5.


Waffle Amore - Lemon Bar Waffle, Frozen Fosters Waffle

O Mi Ninja - Vietnamese Caramelized Shrimp on Vermicelli Noodles

Mayo & Mustard -
Shredded Roasted Chicken w/ BBQ Buffalo Sauce/Pastrami Ruben w/ Sauerkraut and Orange Chipotle Mayo or M&M Mix

Yummi BBQ - Lemongrass Beef Sliders/Japchae Noodles w/Veggies

Rice Rockit - Veggie Musubi/Chicken Musubi/Meat Musubi

Brothers Gow Chow - Lamb Sliders/Spanakopita, Dolmas, Greek Yogurt Parfait

Twisted Chill - Chocolate Chip Sandwich/Snickerdoodle Sandwich/Root Beer Float/Orange Soda Float

Speedy Panini - Grilled Veggie Panini/Sicilian Sausage & Onions

Fairy Cakes - Banana Split Cupcake/Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Eat on Monday Dungeness Crab Rangoon/Egg in the Hole Burger

Baba Kabob - Flatbread Kaburger/Saffron Balls

Treatbot - Ice Cream Taco

MoBowl - Fried Rice Balls with Mozzarella/Arugula Salad/BBQ Pork Spare Ribs/ ABC Fried Rice

Proceeds benefit the livelihood and union of food trucks in the Bay Area through the Bay Area Mobile Food Vendors Association (BAMFVA).

This event is hosted by the Bay Area Mobile Food Vendors Association, the first owner operated organization benefitting the livelihood of food trucks and presented by Dishcrawl.

Sponsors: Kuapay | First Republic Bank | Insure My Food Truck | Roaming Hunger

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