Downtown Prescott Dishcrawl Debuts with Foodie Fun Abound

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Prescott’s inaugural tour of four local eateries brought together neighbors, friends and strangers to enjoy some of our city’s finest fare. The group enjoyed our crisp mountain air while walking between the downtown restaurants stopping at each for a tasting trio of specialty menu items. 

The event started at the Taj Mahal Restaurant on Montezuma Street where owners Gill and Sandra Singh introduced us to their chicken tikka masala, veggie pakora, naan, and four accompanying sauces. A popular menu item, the chicken tikka masala was a standout while the veggie pakora, zucchini and spinach fried in a chickpea batter, permitted dishcrawlers to try a variety of sauces including tomato, mint and pumpkin chutney. Rounding out the dish, the naan served well to scoop up remaining sauces that were too delicious to waste.   

Next, the group stepped back in time at The Palace where local history relics create a fun and eventful atmosphere.  Here, the tasting trio consisted of a chicken quesadilla, chicken wings, onion strings, and ranch dipping sauce. A perfect fulfillment of comfort food cravings, the cheesy quesadilla, sweet and spicy wings and savory fried onion strings hit the spot. 

Genovese’s Italian Restaurant hosted the group next representing the flavors of Italy. Co-owner, Cathy Giacobbe introduced Dishcrawlers to a tasting trio of chicken parmesan, meatball marina, cheese ravioli, ziti alfredo and garlic bread. It’s hard to choose a favorite when each item delighted our taste buds! If the standard by which all Italian food is judged is a full-flavored marinara and a decedent alfredo sauce, Genovese’s is certainly top-notch. 
Though bellies were amply full, a Dishcrawl isn’t a Dishcrawl without dessert! Shannon’s Gourmet Cheesecakes hosted the event’s grand finale with a variety of flavors to choose from. Owner, Shannon Russo shared the story of her business, which arose from the citizen’s demand for cheesecake, as we sampled delights such as cherry chocolate chip, mocha, and strawberry cheesecake

While we may have started as strangers, dishcrawler bonds are fast to form as our quest for scrumptious food brings us together. Before the evening concluded, the group was already plotting the next culinary adventure and sharing glowing reviews of our local Prescott dining scene. 

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‘Til we eat again!
- Casey

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